Selecting Cotton Yarn

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When you crochet or knit, you will need to select some yard so that you can begin a project. Selecting the right type of yarn can make all of the difference in how your project turns out too. By following these steps, you can successfully choose the right type of yarn. First, read your pattern to see what type of yarn it calls for. Many patterns ask you to use cotton yarn since cotton is easy to work with and is versatile. You can even find cotton yarn blends that have other materials mixed in so that the yarn does not shrink up when you wash it. While you should not wash your yarn right when you buy it, you may need to wash the yarn once you have made shoes, a shawl, a blanket, or something else that could become dirty when it is used. Second, picking the right kind of cotton yarn involves more than just reading a label that says cotton. You have to take other factors into consideration so that you get the right thing. Once you have found a selection of cotton yarns, you will need to look at the weight of the yarn. Yarn can be light worsted, medium worsted, DK worsted, sport worsted, heavy worsted, and so on. The weight tells you how thick the yarn is, which matters when you are making a delicate blanket or a thick hat. Even though you may not be able to tell the difference between two types of yarn that are close in weight, there is still a difference and you should not ignore this information. Third, consider the gauge of the cotton yarn. Gauge tells you how many single crochets or single stitches you will need to do to make one inch of a chain. Gauge is different for every person, however, because some people crochet or knit tighter while others are very loose with their yarn. Using the general guide on the label is still helpful because you can measure your gauge against the standard gauge for your yarn in order to see how much yarn you will need to use for a project. Fourth, consider the texture of the yarn as well. Some types of cotton yarn are very stiff and uncomfortable, but you can also find brands that make really soft yarn. You will often notice that bulk yarn tends to be more stiff and coarse, which is why you should buy smaller balls of yarn if you want to create something that is comfortable and soft. One of the best ways to tell which kind of yarn you want is by feeling the texture. Even if the label says that the yarn is made out of cotton or that it is supposed to be soft, you will get a better idea just by feeling the yarn with your fingers. You can easily narrow down your choices by doing this if you are looking for a certain texture. These are just some of the things that you need to be aware of when you are searching for cotton yarn. You can also look for polyester yarn, acrylic yarn, cashmere yarn, and many other choices when you want to crochet or knit. Cotton is one of the easiest materials to work with, so this is a good choice for beginners. Cotton will not get little balls like acrylic yarn either, so the quality of cotton yarn is better. If you follow these tips while shopping for yarn, you can find the perfect type of yarn to meet your needs for a new project. One reputable brand to look into is Paradise Fibers.



19 December 2013