10 Businesses That Benefit From Vehicle Wraps In Boston

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Just about any business can benefit from vehicle wraps in Boston. The constant publicity will generate word of mouth and draw in new customers who might not have otherwise been exposed to the business. These types of enterprises, in particular, can experience high returns on this investment. 1. Restaurants We've all got to eat, and many consumers are constantly looking for new flavors and types of establishments when they don't have the time or energy to prepare meals at home. This is particularly true of restaurants that offer home delivery or catering services, as vehicle wraps in Boston provide plenty of visibility every time a company vehicle is out on the road. 2. Catering Companies Similarly, caterers spend a fair amount of time driving from one client to another, and you might as well take advantage of your time on the road. Wrap delivery vans and vehicles with information about your catering services, including your target clientele and the types of foods you prepare. 3. Landscaping Firms Not only do landscapers spend time on the road, driving to clients' homes and businesses, but they also park their vehicles on residential and commercial streets. Anyone who drives by will see a truck wrapped with information about the crew, which can lead to new business opportunities. 4. Attorneys Ambulance-chaser jokes aside, attorneys can always benefit from new clients. We live in an extremely litigious society, and there is no shortage of potential cases out there on the freeways and surface streets. You might want to wrap your own vehicles so Bostonians will see the advertising as you drive to and from work. You can also pay people to wrap their own vehicles for additional advertising. 5. Mechanics & Body Shops Not only do vehicle wraps in Boston offer advertising, but the vehicles themselves can serve as promotions for a mechanic's or body shop's services. This is particularly beneficial if you do custom body work, as your vehicles can display the quality and craftsmanship of which you are capable. 6. Home Services Plumbers, electricians, pool maintenance companies, handy men, and other service professionals need practical ways to drum up business. Like landscapers, they often park their trucks and vans outside customers' homes and businesses, and if the vehicles are not marked, they have wasted an opportunity. 7. Realtors Of all the industries in the United States, real estate is among the most competitive. You can increase your chances of making a name for yourself in Boston with a vehicle wrap advertising your services. Mention any niche markets in which you are an expert, such as commercial or rural properties or high-end real estate. 8. Emergency Services Not only are Boston vehicle wraps beneficial for advertising emergency services, but they also serve a practical purpose. EMTs, ambulances, and other emergency responders want to be noticed and found when they are called to a scene. A vehicle wrap will ensure that your vehicle is recognized for its purpose so you can get down to work. 9. Home-Based Businesses While there are numerous advantages to working from home, publicity is not one of them. Home-based entrepreneurs often suffer from obscurity, but you can mitigate these downfalls with vehicle wraps. Ask your friends and family members to have their vehicles wrapped, or hire college students to do the same. 10. Retail Shops Advertising your high-end boutique or luxury gadget shop can be difficult, but vehicle wraps increase exposure without a significant investment. Use signage that includes pictures of some of your merchandise or information about regular sales or promotions to increase interest and appeal to as many potential customers as possible. For more information on vehicle wraps, visit http://ardonvinyl.com/.


7 January 2014