Troubleshooting Common Problems In An Air Compressor

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Nothing disappoints like a non-functioning compressor, or probably when it does not work as expected. According to eBay, an air compressor is durable enough to function for as long as 100,000 hours, which translates to more than 15 years. Therefore, when it develops some problems before this lifespan, you can always find a way to make it work again. Most of the common problems range in an air compressor range from failure to start to oil problems. This article discusses the common problems in an air compressor, and explains how you can troubleshoot them to make the compressor work properly.

 Compressor fails to start

At times, the compressor may completely fail to start, or does not crank. It may also crank, but the diesel engine does not start. When the compressor fails to start completely, the problem might be the battery. Ensure you have a working battery. The battery isolation switch should also be on for the compressor to work. When the compressor fails to crank, the most probable cause is failure of the compressor to trip on a safety switch. All connections should be properly in place.

At times, the compressor may crank, but the engine fails to start. When this happens, ensure that the fuel system is working properly. The fuel tank, of course, should contain fuel. Test whether the fuel filter is working. Remove any air from the high and low-pressure fuel systems by venting them. Check if the stop solenoid is clean and has not broken down. It helps control the flow of fuel to the engine, and stops any fuel supply when the engine is off.

Oil problems

Oil in the compressor has to be clean and well maintained. Oil leaks are also common in an air compressor, especially when the compressor is not handled properly. You can easily detect an oil problem by checking out any signs of fire or smoke. The right amount of oil should be maintained as well. Use the right type of oil depending on the type of compressor as instructed by your compressor dealer. If you want to change the type of oil, first consult with your dealer or plumber for the most suitable alternative. Wrong oil types may cause problems to the compressor. A good lubricant should have the following features:

  • It is able to control foam
  • It does not need any additive depletion to filter
  • It protects the compressor from corroding and rust
  • It prevents accumulation of deposit and sludge
  • It has a long life span

One of the ways to ensure that your oil compressor has a long life span is to regularly check all these parts. Ensure every component is in order before starting it. When replacing any part, get more information from a licensed plumber.


15 September 2014