What Is A Electrical Design Plan?

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When your house is getting built, it's important to make sure that the electrical system is laid out correctly. Any problems with it can mean that your house's circuits could short out or even cause your house to burn down. The thing that your contractor will need to have is an electrical design plan. 

Electrical Design Plan

An electrical design plan will do all sorts of things. One thing it will do is tell the contractor where the outlets should go and how they should hook up to the larger circuits. The design plan can also tell the contractor how much of a load each circuit can carry. For example, a circuit that is designed for your refrigerator to be plugged into will be a smaller circuit because the refrigerator is a heavier load than some other things that could be on that circuit. That protects the various circuits and your home. The design plan will also show how each circuit should be connected to your circuit breaker or fuse box. So, who makes out the electrical design plan?

Electrical Engineer or Master Electrician

Generally, electrical design plans are created by electrical engineers or master electricians. They have had a lot of training in creating an electrical plan that actually works and works well. Your contractor may have pre-set plan that they use with a number of houses, especially if the house that you are getting built is one built to a choice of models that your contractor has offered you. If you have chosen to work with your contractor or an architect to design your house, then they may call in an electrical engineer that they have worked with previously to make sure that the design plan gets set correctly. A master electrician may often have more practical experience than an electrical engineer does when it comes working with residential electrical systems, so your general contractor may choose to work with an electrical contractor that they are familiar with, and will work with that contractor to lay out a design plan for your electrical system. 

When your house is being built, it's important to make sure that your new electrical system is laid out correctly. In order for that to happen, your general contractor will have an electrical design plan and make sure that it's followed to the letter. That way, everything is set up the way that it should be and your whole house will have power. 

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19 October 2017