A Few Methods Of Soil Grouting

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Sometimes, the ground where you have your home, or want to have your home, is not stable enough to support the weight of the foundation and building. If this is the case, you will have major problems with your home in the coming years. The first thing you may notice is cracks in the foundation. If you do not have the situation fixed, you will end up with unlevel floors and warped walls. Eventually, the building will collapse. Luckily, there are a few methods of soil grouting that will stabilize everything.


Permeation grouting is done by drilling a hole in which a long tube can be placed. The tube is inserted into the hole to reach a pocket of air in the soil. Cement or chemicals are then poured through the tube to fill the void area. Since many pockets may be connected, the grouting material will flow into all the voids. This adds strength to the soil by removing areas where it may fall as the weight presses down and collapses the voids.


Displacement-compaction is a method of soil grouting by which the soil is moved and pushed by the thick grouting material. As the soil is pushed, it compacts itself. This makes the soil more solid and strong. In addition, once solidified, the grouting material will also be a strong base that will hold the weight of the building.


This method involves using water or grout under high speed and pressure. Again, a hole is drilled and a tube placed into it. However, this time, the tube is part of a pressurized system that will jet water or grout into the unstable area to excavate it. When grouting material is used, it will dry and solidify to stabilize the area. If water is used, it must first be absorbed into the surround ground and then the grout will be injected to fill the excavated area and any new voids created by the water.

It is best if you know there will be a problem before starting any building, so you can have the ground stabilized. However, soil grouting can be done by drilling the holes and inserting the tubes at an angle. This allows you to get underneath the house to fix any problems. Any time you notice foundation cracks, it is best to have a professional inspect it. Sometimes it is due to the natural settling of a new home. This can be repaired by having the foundation grouted. However, if the problem is deeper than the foundation, you will need to have soil grouting done.

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16 December 2017