The Basics Of Choosing A Tank For Your Propane Supply

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If you're making the conversion to propane in your house, you're going to need to invest in a propane tank for storage. Knowing which one you need can be a challenge, especially with so many different sizes and options. Before you call your local propane company to place a tank order, you should understand what your tank choices are and how to select the right one. Here is a look at what you need to know.

Minimal Propane Use

If you're only using propane for cooking or for your dryer, you won't need a large storage tank. You can typically purchase a 100-pound propane tank, which holds a little under 24 gallons of propane. This would be sufficient, because you won't consume a large volume of propane if you're only using it for things like that.

Moderate Propane Use

For small homes, including mobile homes that rely on propane for heat as well as cooking and other purposes, a 100-gallon tank is often the best investment. It holds a lot more propane than the 100-pound variety, which is ideal for more consistent propane use. You'll need an area above ground to install it, though. Your propane company can help you find the best location.

Significant Propane Use

In larger homes and areas where propane will be used heavily, you should consider a 500-gallon propane storage tank. This will ensure that you're not running out of propane on a regular basis, and it holds enough to stand up to the demands of heating a large home. You will need a bigger area to install this tank, because it's larger than the 100-gallon one.

Commercial-Sized Propane Use

If you're using propane to heat a commercial structure on your property as well, or to heat multiple buildings, you may want to look into a commercial propane tank. These tanks are quite large, at 1000 gallons. You'll need a lot of space for it, but it's the best way to ensure that you have enough propane on hand to supply all of the spaces that you're using it in.

With so many different tank sizes to choose from, it's important to consider how you'll use the propane before you invest in a tank. This does two things for you. It keeps you from spending more money than necessary on a tank that's larger than you really need while also ensuring that you don't find yourself with a tank that's too small, which will necessitate more frequent deliveries.

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25 January 2018