Converting A Drop Deck Trailer Into A Split-Level Mini-Power Plant

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A drop deck trailer can be converted into a split-level tiny house. It can also be converted into a split-level mini power plant, powered by a nearby flowing river or stream. This might be an excellent answer to power problems when you are located in the middle of the mountains and a generator just is not going to cut it. Here is what you need to do.

Buy the Drop Deck Trailer and Select a Good Position on the Bank

If water is going to be the source of your mini-power plant, you have to get the trailer as close to the water as you can. You will need to set it on a bank where it cannot be floated away during times of flood, but you also need its water wheel to sit in the water. If you need to, hire a mechanical engineer as a consultant to choose a good location and design the construction of the wheel and other mechanically moving parts.

Build up the Outer Walls to Create a Safe Housing for the Power Plant Components

To keep everything inside this trailer/power plant intact and reasonably safe from the weather, you will need to construct walls along the very edges of the trailer. Insulate the walls, and then drywall and paint or board up over the drywall. Be sure to add a high, sturdy roof. The upper deck of this drop deck trailer will be the control panel room, and the lower deck is where the power station will create power and channel it into the wires coming from the roof.

Install the Water Wheel and Water Turbine Engine

To create power, the water wheel connects to a crank inside the trailer/power plant. As the rushing water turns the water wheel, the crank inside turns. Then the crank builds enough power in the water turbine to create electrical power. The electrical power is channeled into the wires and cables that run up to the roof and out toward the nearest poles (which you will also have to install). All of these components have to be installed at the same time.

Install and Connect the Station Controls

To keep track of what is happening in your mini split-level power plant, you need a control module. This also helps regulate the speed of the engine and monitors input and output. Ask an electrical engineer about what kind of module you need, and how to install it on the upper deck of the drop-deck trailer.

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29 April 2018