Opening A Restaurant? Some Items You May Need To Have Fabricated

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Opening a restaurant requires a lot of equipment that needs to meet health and safety standards. Unfortunately, you cannot always find equipment that will fit in the space you need it to fit at a restaurant supply store. While they may be able to order what you need, it will require having a metal fabricator make the piece for you. Make arrangements with a metal fabrication company to have the following things made.

Exhaust Hood

A commercial kitchen is going to need to have good ventilation. An exhaust hood will be required to ensure all the smoke and fumes go out through a wall or the ceiling instead of into the cooking and eating areas. When you hire a metal fabrication company, you can have the hood made to fit exactly where you need it to go so that all the cooking appliances that need ventilation fit under it.

Grease Interceptor

Another important piece of equipment required by health departments is the grease interceptor. If your kitchen will have deep fryers, you need to have one. A grease trap is used between your sink and the main drain to the sewer line. It separates grease and fat from the other liquids so the sewer lines do not get clogged. It works similarly to a septic tank, except the grease and fats float on top and the water drains through the bottom instead of the solids settling to the bottom and the water draining out the top.


Mop sinks, hand sinks, and three-well sinks are all required in a restaurant. It can be hard to fit everything needed into the kitchen. A metal fabricator can make the sinks you need so you meet health requirements while keeping them at a size that will work in the area.

Work Tables

You are going to need multiple work and preparation tables in the kitchen. While you could use wood, it will need to be covered with a laminate that will not absorb liquids or chemicals. You may need to have the undersides all covered as well. Having a table fabricated from metal will meet the health requirements because it is not porous so it will not absorb or hold liquids, mold, mildew, or bacteria.

As soon as you have the location for your restaurant, and have started planning the equipment placement, contact a local metal fabrication company. They will send a technician to the location and go over your plans with you. They can take measurements and get started making the pieces you need.


14 June 2018