3 Ways To Safeguard The Delivery Of Your Products

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Product delivery is just as important as product production, especially when it comes to small businesses. Customers that receive packages in good condition are often more likely to perform a repeat transaction with the company. You can do your part to ensure your products make it to your customers without damage in a few short steps. Learn what you can do to accomplish this goal.

1. Understand Weaknesses

With any problem, you cannot come up with an effective solution without first having a clear understanding of what the problem is. Before you take any measures to protect your products during the shipment and delivery processes, you need to first understand what their weakness are. 

Look over your products to see what specific areas are most vulnerable to damage. For example, if you design custom frames, the glass part of the frame would be the most at risk for damage during transport. Once you know what the areas of weakness are, you can use this list as the foundation for coming up with a protective plan. 

2. Invest in Custom Inserts

Make a smart investment in custom foam inserts. Custom foam packaging inserts are designed to fit securely within the exterior packaging of your product's container or box. The foam then serves as somewhat of a buffer that protects the product from the everyday rigors of the shipping process, including sliding and vibration. 

Not only is the foam itself an excellent protection tool, but the fact that the foam inserts are specifically designed for your product allows them to offer even more protection. For high-value items or items that are especially prone to damage, such as electronics, foam inserts are a must. 

3. Perform Tests

Consider performing a few tests with your products just to see if your efforts work. For example, if you think it's wiser to bubble wrap your products before shipment, bubble wrap a few products, send them out and see how they arrive. The more testing, the more confident you will be that your products will arrive safely. 

Keep in mind, should you decide to invest in custom inserts for your products, you can rest assured that the insert company will test the inserts before they send them out to you. You'll have greater confidence that you're protected. 

Partner with a professional service that can help you achieve your goals. For specific help with foam inserts, contact a custom foam design company for assistance. 


4 September 2018