Understanding Copper Tube And How It Can Be Used

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Copper is an excellent material for many different uses and tubing made from copper has been used for many years in a lot of various ways. There are several types of copper tubing as well, so it is essential that you use the one with the right properties for the job you are doing. 

Soft Copper Tubing

Soft copper tubing is available is large roles and many different diameters. The tubing is flexible to an extent, but you still have to use care when bending or to form it. If you bend it too sharply, the soft tubing will collapse and pinch off the tubing or worse, crack. Soft copper is popular in the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) industry and is commonly used as a refrigerant line. It can also be used as a water line, an airline, and for most other liquids because of its strength and flexibility.  

Rigid Copper Tubbing

Rigid copper has been used for a long time in the construction industry. It is a good product for use as water lines in your home. Many homes have copper tube running all through them. The tubing is joined with solder fittings, and if you need to make a bend in the tubing, a tubing bender is your best option. In recent years the price of copper has been on the rise, and many plumbers have moved to PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipe instead of the copper. The PVC pipe is cheaper but not as easy to work with in some cases.

Compression Fittings Versus Solder Fittings

If you are working with soft copper tubing, you can use compression fittings to join sections of tubing together, Because the capper has been annealed or softened, it allows it to compress inside the fitting and forms a reliable seal. With rigid copper pipe, the copper is too hard to compress that way so the joints must be soldered to the tubing. 

The Value Of Copper

The price of copper has risen to the point that something once considered a building material has now become a commodity. Copper tubing is valuable and can be sold at a metal recycler for cash in a lot of areas. In some parts of the country, copper tubing was such a commodity that it is being stolen out of houses under construction, demolitions, and even right out of the HVAC units in people's yards. Copper pipe or tubing is available at most home centers or plumbing supplies in many different diameters and lengths. If you need help selecting the right size for your job, talk to a plumbing specialist for assistance. 


4 October 2018