Tips For Repairing An Air Conditioner Refrigerant Leak

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Do you have an air conditioner that is leaking refrigerant, and you are not sure what to do about it? Refilling the air conditioner with more refrigerant is only going to be a temporary fix because the refrigerant will continue to leak out over time. Here are some tips for repairing a refrigerant leak so that your air conditioner can produce cold air again.

Inspect The Refrigerant Lines 

One of the first things you should do is take a close look at all the refrigerant lines connected to your air conditioner system. Sometimes you'll be able to immediately identify that part of the piping that is causing refrigerant to leak out, which will then speed up the repair process. If you can't see any damage to the piping, then you'll need to try another technique.

Pressurize The Lines

The next step will be to pressurize the lines with air, which can make the leak easier to find. With air flowing through the system, you can inspect with your ears and hands to find the leak. If it's a small leak, you may hear the sound of air escaping through a very small hole. You can also place your hand over the piping and feel the air leaking out. You'll want to carefully inspect places where the piping is welded together since this is a common spot where a leak can form. 

Still can't find the leak? The next step will be to spray the pipe with soapy water. If air is coming out of the pipe, the soapy water will cause bubbles to form on the surface. It will make finding that small leak easier to find.

Repair The Damaged Piping

The copper pipe that is leaking will need to be repaired or replaced. It is recommended to completely cut out the section of pipe that is leaking and put in new copper piping. The pipes can be welded together, which will create a much better seal than simply trying to patch an existing leak. Just be careful of any wires near the pipes that you are welding, because the wires can become hot and damaged as a result of carelessness.

Recharge The Air Conditioner

With the leak fixed, you can add more refrigerant to the air conditioner and verify that it is holding pressure. Then run the air conditioner to verify that it is able to create cold air for your home.  

For more information about AC repair, contact a local professional. 


23 August 2022