Avoid Safety Hazards: 4 Steps To Take If Your Well Is Affected By A Natural Disaster

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If you receive your water from a private well, you need to take precautions after natural disasters and strong seasonal storms. Your well can be affected by storms and disasters. After a natural disaster, here are four steps you'll need to take to avoid hazards and health concerns related to your well. Watch for Fallen Power Lines If you've endured a natural disaster that included strong winds, take precautions before going out to inspect your well.

6 January 2019

3 Useful Tips When Purchasing Forming Oil For Metal Formation

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If you're involved in the formation of metals -- be it steel or aluminum -- then you're going to need forming oil. It helps lubricate your materials and machines during this process so that your end product comes out perfectly. When buying this type of industrial oil, you'll want to remember these tips.  1. Check Pricing  There is a huge price discrepancy for forming oil from supplier to supplier. That's why you need to make an effort to check the prices of different suppliers so that you get the best rate and don't end up spending more than you have to on this important resource.

16 November 2018

Understanding Copper Tube And How It Can Be Used

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Copper is an excellent material for many different uses and tubing made from copper has been used for many years in a lot of various ways. There are several types of copper tubing as well, so it is essential that you use the one with the right properties for the job you are doing.  Soft Copper Tubing Soft copper tubing is available is large roles and many different diameters. The tubing is flexible to an extent, but you still have to use care when bending or to form it.

4 October 2018

3 Ways To Safeguard The Delivery Of Your Products

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Product delivery is just as important as product production, especially when it comes to small businesses. Customers that receive packages in good condition are often more likely to perform a repeat transaction with the company. You can do your part to ensure your products make it to your customers without damage in a few short steps. Learn what you can do to accomplish this goal. 1. Understand Weaknesses With any problem, you cannot come up with an effective solution without first having a clear understanding of what the problem is.

4 September 2018

How Heating Metals Can Change Their Properties

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When you're looking to have a project fabricated by a local machine shop like Create Cut Invent, they understand that most people aren't familiar with the different tools, materials, metals, and fabrication methods used to create various parts and products. However, gradually learning a little bit about metal fabrication can help both the fabricator and the customer. One area that is useful to understand is how metals can be treated prior to machining, changing the way the metal reacts and responds to stress.

30 July 2018

Opening A Restaurant? Some Items You May Need To Have Fabricated

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Opening a restaurant requires a lot of equipment that needs to meet health and safety standards. Unfortunately, you cannot always find equipment that will fit in the space you need it to fit at a restaurant supply store. While they may be able to order what you need, it will require having a metal fabricator make the piece for you. Make arrangements with a metal fabrication company to have the following things made.

14 June 2018

Converting A Drop Deck Trailer Into A Split-Level Mini-Power Plant

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A drop deck trailer can be converted into a split-level tiny house. It can also be converted into a split-level mini power plant, powered by a nearby flowing river or stream. This might be an excellent answer to power problems when you are located in the middle of the mountains and a generator just is not going to cut it. Here is what you need to do. Buy the Drop Deck Trailer and Select a Good Position on the Bank

29 April 2018

The Safety Equipment And Devices Every Small Plane Needs

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Flying around in a puddle jumper is no excuse for a lack of adequate safety gear on your plane. People already feel a little iffy when they board commuter planes and other small aircraft. Having appropriate safety gear front and center can help put them at ease. Here are a few of the essentials. Cabin Safety Whether you're flying one person, a handful, or more, you need adequate safety equipment for everybody.

21 March 2018

Understanding JIC Fitting Terminology To Avoid Confusion During The Ordering Process

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Special pipe and screw fittings, like JIC fittings, are an important part of getting machines and hoses connected. Without these fittings, you would have a lot of loose hoses and loose pipes and fluids or air flowing and blowing everywhere. If you need new JIC fittings, however, you might be overwhelmed and confused by the choices. The descriptions and wording are more clearly defined below for easier, and less confusing, purchases.

24 February 2018

The Basics Of Choosing A Tank For Your Propane Supply

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If you're making the conversion to propane in your house, you're going to need to invest in a propane tank for storage. Knowing which one you need can be a challenge, especially with so many different sizes and options. Before you call your local propane company to place a tank order, you should understand what your tank choices are and how to select the right one. Here is a look at what you need to know.

25 January 2018