Examples Of Equipment Used At A Power Center

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Most people only think of a power center if they happen to pass one as they're driving somewhere else. For electric companies and some industrial companies, they are far more than a landmark; they're essential parts of business that are made up of many different components. All of these components must work well and last for a long time to avoid disruptions in operations. Here are some of the most important aspects of power centers: Automatic Voltage Regulators These machines, also known as step autotransformers, smooth out the flow of voltage to other components.

20 December 2013

Selecting Cotton Yarn

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When you crochet or knit, you will need to select some yard so that you can begin a project. Selecting the right type of yarn can make all of the difference in how your project turns out too. By following these steps, you can successfully choose the right type of yarn. First, read your pattern to see what type of yarn it calls for. Many patterns ask you to use cotton yarn since cotton is easy to work with and is versatile.

19 December 2013